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RE Audio's
2017 Collection Catalog
We're proud to announce the release of new products for 2017: new improved performance amplifiers, 7 new line of sub woofers.
To see Re Audio's 2017 collection
Catalog, click here
RE Audio Bluetooth Car Amplifier
Available Now
Connectin a smart phone to the amps
directly without the need of a car stereo
Because Nothing Beats the sound of RE Audio amplifiers, speaker systems, and subwoofers. Nothing!
Here's why:
First, we test every major loudspeakers and amplifiers to find out what works. And what doesn't. Then into the laboratory. To create speakers and amplifiers with superior components. To fit the most exacting standards and to subject them to the most severe testing conditions. the result? Victory. RE AUDIO amplifiers, speaker systems and subwoofers. The highest quality product sold. Bordering on Perfection.
But Listen for Yourself. You'll hear wide dynamic ranges. Fewer distortions and volumes that will Blow Your Mind.
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