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As with any "High End" Audiophile home or studio monitor loudspeaker system, imaging, staging, linearity and low distortion is to be expected, but not from a car audio component or coaxial speaker systems. Even a novice notices when he begins listening to the music coming from the speakers rather than the speakers that produce the music. When a trained musician notices that instruments sound the way they are supposed to sound, you know you have something special. Perfectly matched speaker components like magnets, coils, cones and crossovers along with the use of soft dome tweeters throughout, all contribute to that special sound of the RE Audio Speaker systems.

Looking for superb sound? Look no further! The SR SERIES COMPONENTS is engineered to provide a solid complement to your bass.

SM6.5C Component speakers are Full, rich and clean sound throughout the spectrum. Every time you light these speakers up, youll get a big smile. Versatile, easy-to-place, low profile pro speakers delivers super loud smooth sonic response. speakers sensitivity levels of 105dB or above.

Expect a true Audiophile experience from the new Premium XXX 6x9 2-way Separate COMPONENT System .
Complete your sound system with high-fidelity sound of the REX full range coaxial loudspeaker system. The REX full range speakers add dramatic depth to your listening experience. REX full range speakers can take you to places in your music collection you may have forgotten you had or may never have heard before.

RE Audio engineers have designed the TW-25 to perform as near to perfect as can be expected.
Expect ultra-high performance from cutting-edge technologies that enable the widest possible dynamic range with the most linear frequency response possible. The TW-25 is thermally protected and is supplied with high-efficiency 12dB crossover utilizing high-grade mylar capacitors.

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