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The nearer to perfect the speaker system becomes, as with RE Audio speakers, the more critical it becomes to supply them with a clean and
powerful input signal. RE Audio amplifiers are designed by our own engineering team to get the most out of any speaker system or subwoofer without adding or taking away from the original signal. No physical size limitation, power output, features or quality of sound demanded of us by today's audio enthusiasts and competitors.
The new SA amplifiers set a high point in industrial design: black military-style amplifier chassis and curved, cast art deco side plates. On the test bench they "doubled down," increasing power output as the impedance load dropped. Its separate chassis and signal ground minimize noise for listening at low levels. Though the SA series rated into loads under 1 ohm, its current-feedback output-stage design is to remain stable into .6 ohm loads.
That’s where we have taken our new ZTX v2 amplifier line. We didn’t just pick up where the XTX series left off – The USAmps/RE Audio Engineering Team did so by coming up with a radical new cosmetic design incorporating a wooden top plate with a piano “Black Lacquer” finish and a “Back-lit” RE logo badge. And the rest – The sound and power classes that match perfectly with all our speaker systems and subwoofers.
RE Audio’s innovative, patent-pending, Bluetooth® compatible amplifiers have now become a reality. No longer need to remove the vehicle’s radio to integrate an amplifier. No longer need “Line Level Converters” and RCA wires from your OEM radio for better sound. No longer need a radio or CD player in your vehicle to get clean sound.
When you own the Worlds Best Amplifiers, You will want to use the Worlds Best Install Kits as well.This is where RE Connect Amplifier Install Kits come in. Choose from either 8 AWG, 4 AWG or 0 AWG kits. Also Available in 2 or 4 channel kits. RE Connect Kits feature 100% CCA Power and Ground Cables.
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