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The nearer to perfect the speaker system becomes, as with RE Audio speakers, the more critical it becomes to supply them with a clean and
powerful input signal. RE Audio amplifiers are designed by our own engineering team to get the most out of any speaker system or subwoofer without adding or taking away from the original signal. No physical size limitation, power output, features or quality of sound demanded of us by today's audio enthusiasts and competitors has been overlooked.
The REX series offers the same incredible output and distortion free sound you have come to know and love from our REX series.
The all new SCX Woofer Series. As a replacement for our popular SRX series, we went to a higher level of perfection by creating a new look by upgrading from a stamped frame basket to cast. We increased the power handling from 300 watts (RMS) to 450 watts. Expect louder louds and lower lows along with new exotic styling!
The SEX v2 SERIES is an improvement in every way over our most popular and best selling subwoofer series. The SEX v2 SERIES offers increased power handling, excursion as well as higher efficiency over the original SEX series. The SEX v2 SERIES touts a totally new look with its completely redesigned motor and magnetic assembly.
The SXX v2 SERIES has been improved over the SXX line. Power handling is now at 1200W. The efficiency has increased. So has its excursion capability. The SXX v2 SERIES also touts a newly designed motor, which along with the design of the cast basket and rubber-booted triple stack magnet assembly make for a great look.
Designed to be the ultimate in sonic performance and output, the XXX SERIES truly is engineered for excess.

"It makes all the sounds I want to hear from a subwoofer. It was tight, clean, and imaged perfectly. RE has gone for the gold with their XXX line of subs, and I have to say they earned it!" — PAS Magazine —
Our tranducer engineers have worked tirelessly to come up with a way to offer the sound that you have come to know and love in our "top of the line" XX series, but for less.
If you like the SXX, you'll love the MX v2 SERIES. There is even greater excursion and power handling with increased accoustical output through a unique "Neo" motor system. Definitely for the "too much is just enough" crowd.
Designed for a single sonic goal: "To be the ultimate in SPL." The MT SERIES is built for brutality.
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